Thank you for your interest in Beatnik Bees of Ely!

Beatnik Bees of Ely is an exciting new venture developed by The Ely Gin Company Ltd. Founded in 2011, Ely Gin started by making high-quality fruit-infused gins and vodkas. On the back of this success, and on the back of our own bee-hives, we have now branched into a new range of honey products.

Beatnik Bees comprises two main ranges. The first is our so-called “Origin” honey. Origin honeys are raw English honeys, typically from a single hive, where we tell you the postcode from which the honey was sourced. Use this information to enjoy local honeys, or to buy a selection from range of areas and have fun discovering the different flavours each region has to offer.

Secondly, we manufacture a honey-substitute that is suitable for strict vegans. As delicious as the real thing, we think you will struggle to tell the difference.

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