Get into a lather about soap.

In the soap aisle of your local supermarket, you’ll find rows and rows of brightly coloured, highly perfumed bottles. They look great, but most of them are an environmental disaster. It is difficult to find a soap that isn’t packaged in a plastic wrapper or in a pump dispenser, and many of the soaps have been transported in from other countries. If we include shampoos and shower gels, the picture becomes even bleaker.

Step forward an alternative: it’s time to think ‘handmade’.

Typically, handmade soap is made in small batches, using essential oils to create gorgeous natural scents. They don’t contain commercial detergents that can dry the skin, and normally retain the glycerin that is often removed from commercial soaps. Glycerin is a natural moisturiser, but it is expensive and so removed by some companies to be sold and used in other beauty products. Quality handmade soaps retain the glycerin, meaning they are full of gentle, moisturising qualities.

Our handmade soaps are supplied by The Natural Soap Company based in Wells-next-the-Sea, which is so local, it’s less than 40 miles away from our shop in Downham. The range of soaps offer different properties from exfoliation (Rosemary and Lavender Plus) to intense moisture (Gardener’s and Honey, Lemon and Oatmeal) All of them smell amazing! Opening up the shop each day is a pleasure, not just because we love our job, but because the smell of the soaps beautifully scents the air.

We couldn’t write a post without mentioning bees or honey, so a special mention goes to Bees Kneez, which contains both beeswax and honey to make a beautifully smooth soap which is scented with spice. Honey, Lemon and Oatmeal makes use of the moisturising and anti-bacterial benefits of honey and is scented with essential oils such as lemongrass.

These soaps come in two different sizes – perfect for both your downstairs loo and the bathroom. We also sell shampoo bars.

If you’ve not already tried a shampoo bar, what are you waiting for? They offer you another chance to ditch the plastic and leave your hair soft and your scalp nourished. They last such a long time that they offer genuine value for money when compared to the supermarket stuff: you don’t have to pay more to “go green” in this case.

Handmade soaps offer so much more than large commercial brands do, and also keep your money local. With everything in their favour, it’s time to ditch the supermarket soap and lather up a handmade bar!

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