The Brilliance of Beeswax.

Beeswax is amazing. It can be used for cosmetics. It can be used for crafts. It can light your barbecue. It can wax your snowboard. Or if that’s not your thing, you could just use it to lubricate squeaky doors.

It’s fair to say that beeswax is an all round good egg.

A less understood product of the hive compared to honey, but with many more uses, beeswax has an important role in the storing of honey and the protection of young whilst they grow. It is produced by worker bees through glands in their abdomen and used to build the perfect architectural structure – the honeycomb. The hexagonal design uses the smallest amount of wax to store the maximum amount of honey. Bees are clever, clever things.

Though we’re not quite as clever, humans have used beeswax throughout history, particularly for candles. Beeswax candles may be a bit more expensive than the average high street candle, but they burn for longer, smell fabulous, and are completely environmentally friendly. Beeswax candles are easy to make but if you don’t fancy getting crafty, we sell rolled beeswax and hive shaped candles in our shops.

If you only use beeswax for candles though, you could be missing out. Beeswax is hugely versatile, and particularly beneficial in health and beauty products. It can be made into your own balms, lotions and even deodorant. Beeswax is good for protecting skin, holding in moisture and creating a barrier. It’s also antibacterial and, if you make your own ‘vapour rub‘, it can help fight off those winter colds. It really is tremendous stuff and an essential for the household store cupboard.

If the thought of making your own health and beauty products makes you break out in a cold sweat (and let’s face it, it could get messy), help is at hand: we sell honey and beeswax hand creams and lip balm supplied by Chain Bridge Honey Farm in our shops. All the enjoyment, none of the faff.

So, even if you don’t want to wax a surfboard (or a moustache), having a bar of solid beeswax in your toolkit can help with so many things.

Beeswax really is an example of the brilliance of bees. If you fancy trying any of the suggestions given on this page, we are offering free postage on beeswax bars until 30th November 2019. Use coupon “moustache” at the checkout to qualify.

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